What's going on?

March 2024

I’m all Ya-Ya thrilled to have my story “Tagger Down” published in the new issue of Menagerie Magazine! It’s from my novel-in-progress about Philly artists (street and otherwise), so yea! And onward!

June 2023
Graduate Reading Host | Bennington Writing Seminars, VT 

I had the pleasure of hosting Graduate Readings during the Bennington Writing Seminars during the 2023 June Residency. Listening to portions of the MFA Candidates' poetry, fiction, and non-fiction theses was such a treat. Bennington nurtures such talent, and I was glad to return to the Magic Bubble of literary bliss!

March 2023
AWP Conference | Seattle, WA 

The annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Seattle was jammed-packed with lectures, panels, readings, and networking events. It was well worth the trip across the country to Seattle (been wanting to get to the PNW)! Next year's conference is in Kansas City. See you there! 

January 2023
Graduation Residency | Bennington Writing Seminars, VT

   2 years

+ 244 pages of fiction

+ 100 pages of annotations and essays

+ 100 books read

= 1 MFA and a big dose of Woooo!

Thanks to my wonderful advisors and congratulations to my talented cohort! Now, take a breath. 

Oh, look---there's another horizon.

March 2022
AWP Conference | Philadelphia, PA

The annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference came to my home town! So many panels, readings, and authors to network with. Not to mention Philly food and hospitality. Cheers!



Tagger Down (Short Story)

Menagerie Magazine | March 28, 2024


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